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I have an abandoned project. I'll recreate it with TDD

When I started my career as an iOS developer in 2013 I created a very simple app that featured famous quotes.

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I published it on the App Store for free to serve mainly as a portfolio to me. It was a really cool project that I was proud of creating but over the years I ended up abandoning it.

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The interface was quite simple, allowing users to cycle between quotes with gestures and saving/sharing their favorites.

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I'll bring him back to life using TDD

These days I'm sharpening my skills by learning how to properly use tests in my projects. Specifically, I'm studying how to develop apps following TDD practices.

So I had this idea: I'll recreate my abandoned project without using any old code (which was a complete mess) and I'll share all the progress here on this blog in a new series.


This article is the starting point of a new project: learning TDD, sharing the knowledge acquired along the way and resurrecting an abandoned project.

I think this is going to be fun and I hope you learn something with me in this series.

See you in the next article! Bye.

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